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Revival August 30, 2010

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This blog is sadly under-utilized, probably because it doesn’t have much of a purpose. I recently saw a shirt offered by the ECEn department (http://ee.byu.edu/department/tshirts) that says, “Electrical Engineers Void Warranties”. In the spirit of voiding warranties, I’ve decided to put up some posts in the future of some of the projects I’ve been working on:

  • Installing an SD card into my wireless router (WRT54GL) — definitely warranty-voiding
  • Setting up software and configuration for said router
  • Getting the hardware together for a small server (it’s been quite an experience)
  • Setting up the server software (SMTP, FTP/SMB, WordPress hosting, picture hosting, backup software, etc)

Okay, so only the first item really voided any warranties, but the rest is related.


Your mom can do a Hilbert transform April 1, 2009

Posted by Rich in school.
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Hi world, I just wanted to say that signal processing is cool. In my signal processing class, we’re learning about analytic signals and the Hilbert transform. Basically it’s a cool and compact way of extracting the amplitude-modulated and frequency-modulated components of a signal simultaneously! This is nifty.

Earlier, in my communication circuits class we learned about how to create an AM receiver and an FM receiver (I built one in a lab). These take quite a bit of design to get the right values of resistors, capacitors, and so on for the specific application, like broadcast AM/FM radio, for example. Using the miracle of a Hilbert transform, you can do it all at once with digital signal processing. THAT is awesome.

In other news, my team is presenting our senior project to the world this week at the Wilk. Everyone’s invited. It’s from 1-5pm at the Garden Court on Thursday. Our team will be demoing what we’ve done with aeronautical telemetry. kthanksbai

Please pass the breadboard February 5, 2009

Posted by Rich in school.
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So yesterday I built an oscillator out of some resistors, capacitors, and a couple of transistors. It’s cool, I just hook it up to a power supply and out comes a 5.8 kHz sinusoidal signal! Designing the thing was beastly but it works.

Today I built a digital filter in MATLAB that only passes frequencies around 3 kHz. We used it to filter out a bunch of Morse code that was interfering with the “signal of interest” at 3 kHz. It worked beautifully and we successfully decoded the Morse code signal we wanted without all the interference.

Tomorrow I’ll be working with my group on our Concept Generation and Selection document as part of our senior project. We’ll show why we chose one concept over another; for example, we’re using a matched filter in a digital demodulator — now, should it be a third-order Butterworth lowpass filter or a square root raised cosine? We chose the SRRC pulse shape but we have to document why and what criteria we used to select it.

All in the week of a student electrical engineer.

Midwives help people out February 5, 2009

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And so is birthed a new blog today!  I like the philosophy behind WordPress (free software) and had an old blog here that I never used so I’m starting fresh with this one.  We’ll see how it goes.

(Thanks to my wife for the title, which is taken from a bumper sticker spotted somewhere.)